Read how English and Maths, can help you progress in work and into further education.

Case Studies

In the past year within Employment & Progression we have enjoyed a range of success with our learners and certainly amongst our adult learners some stories are worthy of mention.

The first to mention is Anitha who came to the UK from Rwanda with no recognisable UK qualifications and with our support worked through the English qualifications from Entry Level to Level 2 and progressed to HE qualifications and is now nearing the conclusion of a degree level of qualification in Human resources. AKP expressed her gratitude for the positive way in which she undertook her learning and the encouragement given to her to achieve.

Another is Barbara who is another learner for whom English was not her first language and undertook both Functional  English and Maths achieving Level 2 in both aims and was encouraged to then progress to GCSE. Barbara felt supported throughout her learning and encouraged to achieve and we are proud of her progression, which in turn led her to encourage a friend to do her English studies with us at ATL and this learner achieved her Level 1 in English.

I am pleased to talk about another learner, Charlotte who unemployed came to ATL to improve her Maths and English to improve her employability and so far has achieved a Level 2 in Maths and is now undertaking the English qualifications and says she likes the encouragement and support we offer that has helped in her attainment to date.

Elani a Mental Health Care professional who wanted to move up with her nursing career but required higher qualifications in Maths and had time constraints so she could enrol on an HE course. With the support at ATL and encouragement of her tutors within Employment and Progression, Elani achieved both Level 1 and Level 2 in her Maths and is now starting her HE studies and says she is grateful for the encouragement and support she received at ATL, which led to timely success.

Finally there is the success of Amanda who came to ATL scared of learning and afraid she could not achieve but with the support of the team in Employment and Progression has achieved English and Maths at Level 2 and is now entering a degree qualification to become a higher grade paramedic and says that it was the support of my tutor which led to my achievement. Not just teaching but supporting and helping me believe I could achieve. Amanda enjoyed the support and encouragement so much she now recommends work colleagues, two of whom have signed up to courses who are seeking to improve their Maths & English to come to ATL and join courses with the Employment and Progression team.

We now have more learners starting out on their learning journeys with us, a reflection of the support given to these learners who all enjoyed their experience with ATL and our E & P team who offer support and guidance to help our learners achieve, return to learning and enjoy real success.