Animal care, supporting their students every step of the way.

Case Studies
This review which was first posted on Google, highlights just how important good quality teaching is here and the support our students get to enable them to have self belief!
I really enjoyed learning animal care at this college, they have many different animals and you get to learn new things about them. I really enjoyed furthering my knowledge here . They are very good at teaching different ways; each teacher has their own way of teaching but they are more than willing to help you in your learning style. I’m glad to be enrolling again this year. I’m only six weeks into my second course and I have already learnt so much!
I was nervous about completing a level 3 course because I was unsure about how much writing and assignments were involved. Jackie my course tutor is amazing, she’s helped me so much especially during the start of my course. I was very anxious and have tics and she was so understanding and helped me let my class know. I’m incredibly thankful to be on this course and I’m proud of how much I’ve achieved so far.
The college environment is friendly and inviting, they have different people to talk to and you can make friends more easily which I was happy to find out as I really struggle to talk to new people and grow into my confidence. Huge thank you to Achievement Training!!