Our Values

ATL’s strategic aims and vision will be supported by:

  • Promotion of lifelong learning with equal access to all regardless of social background, race, culture, ethnicity or disability;
  • Effective and fluid dialogue both within the company and with learners, employers and other partners to ensure our core business is responsive to evolving needs;
  • Expanding individuals’ access to employment and ownership of their economic well-being through the provision of a relevant curriculum across a wide sector range;
  • Improvement of basic skills (English Language, Literacy, Numeracy and ICT) in the Plymouth travel to work area and beyond, in line with local government and ESFA strategies and national benchmarking;
  • Positive promotion of modern British values, enabling all learners, partners and staff to contribute confidently as members of the wider community;
  • Confident, comprehensive and current career guidance to support meaningful progression opportunities for both learners and staff;

ATL’s Vision

  • To promote lifelong enjoyment of learning and encourage self-development through formal and informal education.
  • To develop a quality training company, ensuring stability for staff and learners and provide a professional and inclusive service delivery to all.
  • To achieve sustained growth through the delivery of consistently high quality training that meets the needs of the local employment market.

Mission Statement

“Actively Transforming Lives Through Learning”