ALS Referral Form - Version 2

Additional Learner Support (ALS) Referral

Learning Support is available to meet the costs of putting in place a reasonable adjustment, as set out in Section 20 of the Equality Act 2010, for learners with a learning difficulty or disability where this affects their ability to continue and complete their programme. Learning support can be claimed up to the learning actual end date but only if it is required for this period. Learning support must not be used to deal with everyday difficulties that are not directly associated with the training programme. Learning Support is available for learners undertaking an Apprenticeship or Adult Education Budget funded programme where the learner has been identified as having a learning difficulty and/or disability.

Where a Tutor/Assessor believes that their learner requires a reasonable adjustment they must complete this referral form. The referral form will be sent to the relevant Manager who will conduct a diagnostic assessment to ensure that additional support is applied in the most effective manner.

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