Apprentices are eligible to receive a £1,000 bursary payment if they have been in the care of a UK local authority.


You may be eligible for a bursary as a care leaver.


  • Have not been paid a care leavers bursary before.
  • Be an Apprentice who is aged between 18 and 24 who, before turning 18, was either an eligible or a relevant child.

If you think this may apply to you please apply here.

Care Leavers Bursary

You will need to agree by signing a consent form that your employer can be informed that you have been in the care of their local authority and send a signed email or letter from a local authority appointed personal advisor confirming that you are a care leaver.

The bursary payment is a one-off payment. An eligible apprentice must only receive this payment once. Therefore, an individual must not receive this funding again if they progress or start another apprenticeship.

And once you have received the payment you will be asked to confirm the payment. Your college or training provider will help you to apply, it is really easy to apply and having this bursary will be a big help when starting your career.