A Traineeship provides employers and young people with the opportunity to see if the work environment suits them before committing to a job or an apprenticeship. This includes:

  • Flexible education and training with work experience
  • Pre Apprenticeships can last from 6 weeks to 6 months and are for young people aged between 16 and 24.
  • A work experience placement that lasts between 70-240 hours with a guaranteed exit interview and reference on completion of the work placement.
  • Individually planned programmes, which will include English, maths and vocational qualifications where appropriate.

The Benefits.

  • Young people will gain valuable employability skills and relevant work experience.
  • Employers will have the opportunity to shape the skills and experience of young people from their local community, helping their business to develop a loyal and talented workforce.
  • Working with trainees will give experienced staff the opportunity to develop their skills in mentoring and coaching young people.
  • £1000 Pre-Apprenticeship grants available for up to ten trainees – subject to terms and conditions.

Traineeship are a proven way to give young people the skills and opportunity they need to be ready for work. The £1000 incentive will help employers of all sizes provide traineeship opportunities and invest in their workforce so that they can rebuild and grow.  More importantly, we are giving young people a vital route to start their journey, get their first job or go on to further study.

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You can apply to do a Traineeship at any time throughout the year. Traineeships are open to all people ages 16 – 24.  Our goal is to help you find employment and support you fully.

Entry criteria – committed and willing.

Free to all Uk residents.

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If you have any issues with applying online and need additional support including reasonable adjustments with the application process please contact the Admissions team on 01752 202269.