Covid safe

On arrival at Pin Point all learners are asked to take and wear a new Level 2 PPE face mask (replace the one they arrived with).  This mask is worn for the morning, they are given another after lunch to wear for the afternoon. They know to change the mask at any point throughout the day should it become moist.  Hand gel is available in the reception area, outside the classroom and of course, in the classroom

The training room door is always left open.  Windows are opened at break time/lunch time and the air quality is continually monitored.

All learners sit distanced at 1 metre+.  Unless numbers allow for two metre distancing

All learners have their own equipment, their own manikin to practice CPR skills, their own AED, their own training pack which includes a bandage/dressing, a triangular bandage and of course, a resusci face mask with filter paper.  Of course, all mannikins are stripped, cleaned/disinfected and all lungs, airways, filters are replaced at the end of each course.  As well as this there are alcohol wipes and gel freely available for all learners to use.

When practicing skills all Primary Survey (i.e. opening airways and checking breathing) is done with mannikins.  All mannikins face the same way, learners are distanced, face masks are not removed, and all learners face the front of the classroom (i.e. not each other).

When practicing CPR and rescue breaths in the current covid circumstances learners can refuse to practice rescue breaths (professional discussion to take place to ensure that they understand the principles of same) and any certificate issued would need to clearly state the learner was not competent to give rescue breaths should the need arise for them to perform CPR in the workplace.  I’ve never had a learner refuse to practice, they are all distanced, not facing each other and have their own equipment and resus face shield.  Once I’m confident that they can do rescue breaths we go to chest compression only and the current UK resus council guidelines for adaptations of CPR if Covid is suspected. (This involves covering the face and not performing rescue breaths)

When practicing any other skill – i.e. recovery position, secondary survey, bandaging, shock position no one does a primary survey on anyone, in other words they stay well away from each other’s faces!  Even though masks are always worn.  Everyone is given the option to practice skills alone before being assessed demonstrating skills, for instance practice putting yourself into a recovery position as many times as you feel necessary, prior to me assessing you teaming up briefly with another learner (or myself) to demonstrate competency.  Again, no primary survey on each other, no going near faces, hands gelled before and after.  Same applies for practice of shock position.  W position and choking practice and assessments are performed with mannikins.

Learners also have the option when demonstrating skills in bandaging – they can apply a bandage to themselves if they prefer (bandage their own leg) or they can work with a partner – again, masked, gelled, and not face to face, they work from the side or behind their ‘casualty’ to apply the bandage.

All secondary survey practice is carried out on a ‘conscious’ casualty, (who has no injury in order to allow the ‘first aider’ to demonstrate all necessary skills) survey is demonstrated through questioning with minimal ‘hands on’ – again masks are worn, and all distance maintained to ensure no face to face.

All practice with adrenaline auto injectors (AAI’s) in the case of anaphylactic shock is again done without sharing equipment – We have made sure that there are plently of each pen, EpiPen, Jext and Emerade that all learners can have their own to practice and of course these are cleaned/disinfected after use.

The College, Achievement Training and the tutor have gone to great lengths to ensure that courses can run following all recommendations and guidelines, including purchasing a lot of equipment to make sure that all learners feel safe not having to share anything.