Degree Apprenticeships


Did you know that the traditional university route is not the only option for you to get qualified to a degree level? Degree apprenticeships offer an excellent route for those who want to avoid high student debt, earn a salary and start working in your career straight away!

There are so many opportunities out there right now, from a Global Markets Apprentice at the Bank of America, Sales Operations at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, a Trainee Nursing Associate with the NHS, a Police Officer to a Nuclear Scientist and more! There are more apprenticeship opportunities than ever before at some of the best companies in the world.

But what is a degree apprenticeship?

Higher apprenticeships include qualifications at level 4 and above. They can be suitable for those looking to progress from level 3 qualifications, including advanced apprenticeships and T Levels. Degree apprenticeships are offered by universities and other higher education providers. They contain either a full degree or degree-level qualification and go up to master’s level (which is post-graduate).

Typically, a degree apprenticeship can take 3-6 years to complete depending on the course level. Most of your time will be spent working, but you will also be studying part-time at university; for example, you could spend one or two days a week at university studying. Your time will usually be divided between 20% studying and 80% working.

Entry requirements

This will depend on the apprenticeship level and the employer, but generally they will ask for at least a level 3 qualification. You can achieve this by completing A-Levels, T-Levels or an apprenticeship. Employers also look for other skills, such as communication, leadership and passion.

Applying for a degree apprenticeship

To apply for an apprenticeship, you will need to apply in the same way as a job. This includes submitting an application which includes your CV and a cover letter. There are vacancies throughout the year, with deadlines for each position, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the industry vacancies which are out there and make sure you get your application in time.

Take a look at the current degree apprenticeship vacancies by clicking the link here.