19+ Department Confirmation

19+ Enrolment Form - Enrolling Officer Confirmation.

In order for an online form to be processed by the MIS team the Enrolling officer must confirm that they have confirmed that the learner meets the requirements of the programme and is suitable for the course. Please complete all sections below ensuring that the enrolment form code is correct (this can be found in the email subject from the Admission team).

Please note: If the learner is enrolling on a functional skills qualification, the relevant Diagnostic Assessment must be available. If the learner has completed paper-based initial assessments these must be sent to MIS prior to the enrolment being processed.


I confirm to the best of my knowledge the information supplied by the learner is correct I have determined the learners eligibility for this chosen programme. I have discussed and agreed a programme with the learner including level, course content and attendance requirements, start date and planned end date.








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