End Point Assessment - Gateway Ready Declaration

End Point Assessment Confirmation

The employer in consultation with the Leading Provider (Achievement Training Limited) must ensure that the apprentice is prepared and understands the end-point assessment process. Engaging the end-point assessment process can be at any time after the minimum 12 month practical training period, but to ensure timely delivery of the assessment no less than 3 months' notice for the end-point assessment should be given. As part of the process all information/evidence should be ready to present to the EPAO for gateway.

The apprentice must be employed until the EPA is completed (including any resits/retakes of EPA). The only exception is where the apprentice has been made redundant within the final 6 months of their programme.

Before an Apprentice is entered for end point assessment all parties must sign below agreeing that they believe the apprentice is ready for EPA . Individuals authorised to sign this are must be listed within the Apprenticeship Commitment Statement.


By signing this form I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the Apprentice is ready to undertake the End Point Assessment for their Apprenticeship programme.

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