Lauren achieves more than just a qualification!

Case Studies

I joined Achievement Training as an immature spoiled 17 year old and eventually left as a sensible grounded and professional 21 year old, who had achieved 3 qualifications during my time.

Throughout my apprenticeship I have gained many skills. I gained knowledge through my tutorials with my tutor and being able to understand how these are implemented in practice through being within the role; I have also gained understanding of how to use strategies to encourage learners to engage and develop within their learning and classes.

Transferable skills such as communication, respect and adaptive practice have been the most important skills as they have allowed me to progress within my personal life and within my current role; communication with members of the public and a variety of individuals through showing respect and use of adaptive practices within this.

One of the main knowledge points I remember from the duration of my qualification is the confidence, self-esteem and resilience I gained to continue to strive for best, quality practice with all learners and individuals/colleagues I supported.

The confidence gained through my apprenticeship also allowed me to be self-aware when being interviewed for my current role, selling myself as the positive, supportive and engaging person I have learnt and grown to be.

Lauren Hughes February 2022