Partnership Working | Professional Connections

In support of the local and regional economy, ATL maintains close links with the Chamber of Commerce and a senior management member holds Directorship of the Devon and Cornwall Training Provider Network.


Partnership with local employers provides both placement opportunities for our learners, as well as strengthening our understanding of the skills employers really need, so our curriculum is responsive to labour market requirements and our learners can be assured that the training they receive at ATL will support future growth for themselves and the community.


We work with a large number of local employers who support our student cohorts as well as recruit Apprentices’ into their businesses.


External agencies have been an integral part of ensuring we have a multi agency approach. We have close working links with JCP, PLUSS, CSW, Zone, Plymouth mental health services, Plymouth Social services, CAMHS , Devon Mind, Harbour, Kooth and probation services to ensure provision is tailored to support existing and changing needs.


ATL’s inclusive environment supports all learners irrespective of entry level, characteristics, abilities or backgrounds. As well as our 20+ years’ experience and multi-skilled sector professional teaching staff, we are able to accommodate this range of entry abilities due to our strongly established network of partnerships. We work collaboratively with Learner Support, parents/guardians/schools.


ATL has worked in partnership with local schools for many years, providing a vocational alternative to traditional academic pathways. Our model is a regular part of the normal school education for learners under the age of 18 every working day, with each child attending their usual school placement 2 days each week, a work placement one day and our ATL centre for vocational classroom-based training the remaining two days. Different schools have different timetables, so ATL’s flexible approach supports school pupils every day, Monday to Friday.


Progression from the schools partnership programmes is excellent, with learners supported to completion of Study Programmes, Traineeships and Apprenticeships as they take their next steps to a sustainable career.


School partnership feedback

Please may I extend my heartfelt thanks for the assistance and support you have given the Plymouth School of Creative Arts and our Students over the last year that I have worked alongside you.

Again, thank you so much for your guidance in aiding our students in establishing their next steps in such tricky times for them and indeed you all.

Helen Currell, Careers Lead


Stoke Damerel Community College Vocational Qualifications Manager.

I am looking forward to working with you and the team again in the new academic year. As always, I can rely on you and the team to give 100% to our students and their learning programmes, pastoral care and progression.

Thank you for all your hard work especially during lockdown. I really appreciate how the team has gone above and beyond in these difficult circumstances. I want to say special thanks to Rachel and the support she has given to our students.