Learner Code of Conduct Form

Learner Code of Conduct & Expectations of behaviour


When you sign this form, you agree to follow these expectations of behavior, to contribute positively to an environment in which respect, good manners, diversity, opportunity and inclusiveness are valued.

As a learner at Achievement Training we expect you to:

Aim to attend all your classes, arrive on time and bring the right equipment with you to all sessions.

Badges must be worn at all times whilst on Achievement Training premises, unless there are health & safety reasons.

Dress appropriately as requested for a learning/working environment and wear any uniform or protective equipment provided. Caps, hats and hoods are not considered to be appropriate for the workplace and should not be worn unless in exceptional circumstances in Achievement Training.

Treat all fellow learners and staff with respect, behaving in a considerate way to everyone and not interfere with the learning of others.

Be responsible for your learning by working hard and achieving your best results. Complete all your work and hand it in on time and take responsibility for catching up on any work you may have missed. Complete your assignments and exams without cheating, copying or plagiarising (your tutor/assessor will be supportive and provide you with the appropriate guidance. If you need extra support, please ask extra help is available and can be booked on an appointment basis).

Behave in an appropriate manner in and around Achievement Training, including inside and outside all Achievement Training premises, the immediate community and when on external trips or visits.

Observe the Health and Safety regulations and pay attention to your own and others health and safety. This includes good personal hygiene, not smoking or vaping anywhere on Achievement Training premises. (Please do not smoke or vape directly outside the main doors of the building). There is an instant £80.00 fine from Plymouth City Council for dropping litter in the street.

Keep yourself and other members of our community safe by not carrying or using illegal drugs or any equipment for drug use, weapons and/or alcohol onto Achievement Training premises or asking anyone else to do this for you.

Follow all instructions from staff regarding the use of IT equipment and make sure that your online activities do not cause offence or give a bad name to Achievement Training, our learners, staff, partners or related employers.

Respect the well-being and property of other members of Achievement Training and the wider community and treat Achievement training property with care.

Tell your tutor/assessor in advance if you are going to be away and or as early as possible for any unavoidable absence such as sickness. We expect you to book appointments (e.g. with doctors/dentists etc.) outside of your timetabled sessions.

Follow instructions given by staff, especially relating to these expectations.

Achievement Training Rules:

Badges must be worn at all times whilst on Achievement Training premises, unless there are health & safety reasons.

NOT to use personal devices such as mobile phones, music players or other technology when in the classroom or while you are in learning, unless you have the express permission of your tutor. If you are expecting an urgent call, please notify your tutor before the lesson starts so and arrangements to receive the call can be agreed. (Learners found using any unpermitted personal devices during classroom session will have them confiscated during the teaching session and result in disciplinary action being instigated).

Not to use abusive behaviour of any type including sexual abuse or harassment. These behaviours will not be tolerated and appropriate sanctions will be implemented.

Treat people with respect we do not tolerate bullying of any kind, including text and cyber bullying.

No food should be consumed in classrooms or study areas during lessons. Only drinks in a secure top bottle or container will be allowed (Energy or fizzy drinks are NOT permitted in the classroom during lessons). All litter should be disposed of in the bins provided.

Learners found eating during a lesson will be asked to leave the room and dispose of the food.

The following are some examples where disciplinary action can be taken.

a) Performance on Course/Programme

Coursework that, due to lack of effort, is of a consistently poor standard;

Plagiarism (passing off as your own work something that is direct copying from the internet, learning resource material or another person’s work, including past or present learners);

Failing to complete work on time.

b) Misconduct

Any use of mobile phone or other technology that has not been authorised by the tutor.

Poor attendance or punctuality without an acceptable explanation;

Behaviour which is disruptive or offensive to Achievement Training staff and/or other learners;

Conduct likely to bring Achievement Training into disrepute.

c) Gross Misconduct

Continued use of mobile phone or other technology that has not authorised by the tutor.

Violence or vandalism;

Abuse or harassment of other learners or staff.

Sexual harassment or abuse.


Drunkenness or the use and/or promotion of illegal substances;

Serious misbehaviour or language which is disruptive or offensive to staff and/or other learners;

Serious misconduct likely to bring the Achievement Training into disrepute;

Behaviour likely to cause accident or injury to yourself or others;

Damage to Achievement training premises or equipment or the belongings of others;

Unauthorised interference with IT systems, inappropriate use of internet and email (accessing or transmitting material that is considered by Achievement Training to be offensive, i.e. obscene, abusive, sexist, racist or defamatory).

The possible outcomes of each stage of the Disciplinary Procedure are as follows:

Stage 1 Informal resolution – agreed action plan
Stage 2 Written warning
Stage 3 Final written warning
Stage 4 Withdrawal from course

If problems re-occur or continue or the behaviour/misconduct is deemed serious enough it could result in you being suspended, a final written warning or instant withdrawal from the course and the loss of your place at Achievement Training.


By signing below and submitting this form you agree to abide by the above code of conduct. You understand that if you do not follow this code, disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the Learner Disciplinary Policy, if you have any questions about any of the above please talk to your Tutor/Assessor, Curriculum Manager or Learner Support Manager.

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