Lisa Parker’s journey into Psychology through the support of Achievement Training

Case Studies

Lisa started with Achievement Training in 2018, she was a full time mum, with sole responsibility for her children including having a child with special  needs, Lisa was not expected to find work because her particular circumstances allowed her remain at home until her Children were a bit older, however Lisa felt that she really needed something which would give her some direction and would perhaps help her move into a job at a later date.

Lisa happened to find out about Achievement Training and initially decided to do an introductory course in health care  Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People, she worked along side a tutor who helped to encourage Lisa to aspire to the next step so Lisa thought about what she could do with HSC and the type of jobs which might suit her, she knew nursing wasn’t for her, so then considered social work. With the backing and support of her tutor, Lisa put in an application to do a degree course! The criteria for her applications included the need for English and Maths qualifications, Lisa had to achieve these before she could be considered for a place on the course. She enrolled again with ATL – achieved her maths and even though she had never written an essay in her life was accepted on the the Social care Degree course. Lisa achieved a 2-1 : )

Lisa has since moved onto study a Masters Degree in Psychology.

In her own words Lisa’s achievement and success – Youtube video .

This is such a fabulous story, one of many at Achievement Training, the course see offer really do have impact and make a difference in peoples lives, if you want to find out how we can enable you to start your own journey to success, please pop an enquiry to us. 19+ enquiry