2023/24 19+ Enrolment Form (On-site)

19+ (AEB) On-site Enrolment Form

To undertake a non-apprenticeship course, you must ensure that you meet the individual and funding eligibility requirements:

- You must meet any course specific entry requirements
- You must be a UK/EU citizen or have the legal right to be in the UK
- Have been a resident of the UK for the 3 years preceding the course start date
- Currently reside in an area of England outside of the devolved authority areas (including PL and TR postcodes)
- You must be aged 19 or over on the 31st August 2023
- Depending on your existing qualifications, age and employment status you may be subject to a fee.

Enrolment Detail - IMPORTANT - Please review and amend any pre-populated course codes

Recognised Prior Learning

"A learner could have prior learning or attainment that has been previously accredited by an awarding organisation or could be formallyrecognised and count towards achievement of a qualification". If this is the case Achievement Training must reduce the duration and amount of funding claimed by the percentage of learning the learner does not need.

An RPL adjustment is not required for learners enrolling on an English or Mathematics qualfication.


Learner Information - please review and complete

Previous Qualifications / Experience

Please detail any qualifications you have previously attained.

Employment  Status

Unemployed Individuals (Further details)


Please only complete this section if you have stated in the previous question that you are unemployed

Employed Individuals (Further details)


Please only complete this section if you have stated in the previous question that you are employed

Next of Kin and Emergency Contact Details


Section 4.1: Fair Access to Education - to ensure fair access to education we capture key protected characteristics. This will allow us to support you in your journey with us.

Section 8 - Criminal Convictions

--    As a duty of care to staff and students, the College reserves the right not to enrol a person where there is evidence
that they could be a threat or danger to others. Declaring convictions may not prevent you from being offered a
place but failure to disclose something of which we later become aware could result in disciplinary action or your
enrolment being cancelled.

--    Please inform the College if the circumstances marked above change during your course.

--    Please note: If you are applying for a course leading to working with children under 18, vulnerable adults, social
services, uniformed services, teacher training or the health service you should ask at the interview for advice as
certain convictions may affect future employment in these areas.


Please contact safeguarding@cityplym.ac.uk to request a confidential disclosure form

Section 9 - Learner Declarations & Agreement

By signing this form I confirm:

--   I have read the Data Protection policy and privacy notice on the College website and consent to the College processing my personal
data including any sensitive data in accordance with the data protection principles.

--   I have received, read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of enrolment, which can be found on the College website
(www.cityplym.ac.uk) and at College reception areas. I agree that all of the information on this form is correct.

--   I have received appropriate advice and guidance prior to enrolling on this course and I understand that if I am 16 to 18 years old then
English, maths and work experience form mandatory elements of my study programme and I will be required to undertake each of
these where appropriate.

--   I confirm that if I am 16-18 or 19-24 with an EHCP, I am not enrolled on a funded study programme at another institution.


Where you are under the age of 18 the College will provide your previous years education provider with information about your academic
attainments for the purpose of evidencing educational destination and outcomes; provide your parent/guardian/carer with information about
your attendance, behaviour, progress and achievement outcomes.

Where your employer has directly funded your course the College will provide your employer details of your educational records including but
not limited to attendance, achievement and modular outcomes. The College may send certificates of achievement, to your employer who will
forward it on to you.


This privacy notice is issued by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) on behalf of the Secretary of State for the
Department of Education (DfE) to inform learners about the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) and how their personal
information is used in the ILR. Your personal information is used by the DfE to exercise our functions under article 6(1)(e) of the UK
GDPR and to meet our statutory responsibilities, including under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009. Our
lawful basis for using your special category personal data is covered under Substantial Public Interest based in law (Article 9(2)(g))
of GDPR legislation. This processing is under Section 54 of the Further and Higher Education Act (1992).


The ILR collects data about learners and learning undertaken. Publicly funded colleges, training organisations, local authorities, and
employers (FE providers) must collect and return the data to the ESFA each year under the terms of a funding agreement, contract
or grant agreement. It helps ensure that public money distributed through the ESFA is being spent in line with government targets.
It is also used for education, training, employment, and well-being purposes, including research.


We retain your ILR learner data for 20 years for operational purposes (e.g. to fund your learning and to publish official statistics).
Your personal data is then retained in our research databases until you are aged 80 years so that it can be used for long-term
research purposes. For more information about the ILR and the data collected, please see the ILR specification
at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/individualised-learner-record-ilr


ILR data is shared with third parties where it complies with DfE data sharing procedures and where the law allows it. The DfE and
the English European Social Fund (ESF) Managing Authority (or agents acting on their behalf) may contact learners to carry out
research and evaluation to inform the effectiveness of training.


For more information about how your personal data is used and your individual rights, please see the DfE Personal Information
Charter (https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-education/about/personal-information-charter) and the
DfE Privacy Notice (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/privacy-notice-for-key-stage-5-and-adult-education)


If you would like to get in touch with us or request a copy of the personal information DfE holds about you, you can contact the DfE
in the following ways:

--   Using our online contact form https://form.education.gov.uk/service/Contact_the_Department_for_Education
--   By telephoning the DfE Helpline on 0370 000 2288
--   Or in writing to: Data Protection Officer, Department for Education (B2.28), 7 & 8 Wellington Place, Wellington Street,
Leeds, LS1 4AW


If you are unhappy with how we have used your personal data, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
at: Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. You can also call their helpline on 0303 123 1113 or
visit https://www.ico.org.uk


Learning Record Service (LRS) – The information you supply will be used to create and maintain a Unique Learner Number (ULN)
and a Personal Learning Record (PLR). For further information on the LRS privacy notice please visit

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment (Non-Apprenticeships)


Agreement means these terms and condition.

Company means Achievement Training Limited.

Fees means all fees owing to the Company pursuant to this agreement.


It is the learner's responsibility to ensure that where they are unable to attend planned sessions that they contact their tutor/assessor to rearrange the appointment as soon as possible, failure to provide at least 48 hours notice will result in a fee. Continual failure to maintain regular contact with their assessor or to attend planned sessions may ultimately result in the course placement being withdrawn.


It is the learner's responsibility to ensure that Achievement Training is kept informed of any changes of address / contact details. This information can be passed directly to a tutor/assessor or may be emailed to wbl@achievementtraining.com.


Do you have to pay?

If you are aged:

  • 16 to 18 years you do not need to pay tuition or exam fees.
  • 19+ you will have to pay course fees, unless eligible for free tuition fees (see the Fee Waivers section below).
  • 19+ you may be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan to cover your course fees for Level 3 and above courses

If you have to pay

To secure a place on your chosen course, you or your employer must pay on enrolment or you must agree bank payments under a direct debit instruction. A single fee is charged to cover tuition fees, awarding body registration fees, examination or certification fees and other course related costs.

Separate charges are payable for special equipment, materials, uniforms, educational trips etc. You must pay these charges in full on enrolment, even where a fee waiver is applicable. Equipment, material, uniform etc. will remain your property at the end of the course.

For courses of more than one year, fees are payable separately for each year of study. For certain courses, fees may be taken in advance for linked courses to be started later in the academic year. If you do not proceed to the next stage a full refund of fees paid towards the additional course(s) will be made.


You may pay by cash, credit or debit card, or by cheque or by direct debit. In order to pay fees you must visit the Finance Department in the Norwich Union Building or alternatively you can call them on 01752 301407.

Direct debit payments are available for fees of £100.00 or more and where the course exceeds one term. On enrolment you must complete and sign a direct debit instruction. We will then collect four equal instalments payable throughout the duration of the course.

If you opt to use your loan for part of the fees you will be required to pay the balance at enrolment.

If your employer, sponsor or lender fails to pay, you will be responsible for the payment of any remaining balance of the full course fees regardless of whether or not you have attended. If you do not maintain the agreed payments you may be suspended from your course and not allowed to proceed with your programme.


The full fee for a course is payable even if you decide not to complete the course. A fee refund or waiver will only be made if you:

  • Withdraw from a course and inform us in writing or by e-mail no later than 10 days prior to the start date. In such cases an administration fee of £25.00 will be deducted from your refund.
  • Successfully claim a refund on the grounds of quality and you have followed our complaints procedure for any such consideration.
  • Are unable to attend because we have cancelled the course.

You will not be given a refund if you:

  • Have enrolled on a First Aid Course
  • Attend all or part of a course which is scheduled to last no more than ten weeks.
  • Attend for more than two weeks when the full fee applies unless there is a proven significant change in your circumstances.


The following programmes may be fully funded by the ESFA (subject ti eligibility rules being met):

  • Learners undertaking qualifications listed within the government Legal Entitlements (https://www.qualifications.education.gov.uk) inclusive of English, Math and eligible ICT qualifications.
  • Entry Level to Level 2 aims where 19+ learners are unemployed, in receipt of benefits and looking for work. In these cases you will be required to sign a self-declaration form and provide evidence of the benefit. Further details on waivers are available from the Learner Support Manager on 01752 202263.
  • Entry Level to Level 2 aims where 19+ learners are employed and earning less than £20,319.00 per annum (this value be subject to change).
  • Level 2 aims on the Legal Entitlements list where the learner is aged 19-23 and not previously achieved a full Level 2 Qualification.
  • Level 3 aims on the Legal Entitlements list where the learner is aged 19-23 and not previously achieved a full Level 3 qualification.
  • Level 3 aims listed within the National Skills Fund where the learner is aged 19+ and has not previously achieved a full Level 3 Qualification.


Advanced Learner Loans became available for Further Education from 1st August 2013, loans are available if you are aged 19 or over to cover the costs of studying a Level 3 or above course, including QCF certificates and diplomas, Access to Higher Education and A Levels (max of four). The loans are not means tested or credit checked. They are available for the unemployed and employed. You do not have to pay anything upfront and do not start paying anything back until you are earning £27,295 a year. No payments will be taken before the April after you complete or leave your course.


If you are on a means-tested or low combined family income benefit you may be eligible for support with your course fees, travel, equipment/uniform costs and childcare costs through the Discretionary Learner Support fund (DLS). In addition, a bursary fund exists to support certain needs if you are aged over 19 and have a loan to cover your course fees. If you would like to access these funds please contact the Learner Support Manager on 01752 202263.


For more information about any aspect of fees please contact the Finance Department on 01752 301407 or if you have any queries relating to learner support funds please contact the Learner Support Manager on 01752 202263.


Where a learner fails to attend a scheduled appointment either as part of their on or off the job training, they will be issued with an attendance letter requesting contact. If after 7 working days a response has not been received, a 2nd letter will be sent along with a copy to the employer. Following a further 7 days of non contact, a final letter will be issued to the learner advising of the withdrawal process. All letters will be supplemented with attempts of telephone and/or email contact. Please note upon receipt of the 3rd letter learners will also receive an invoice for withdrawing from programme.


Should any difficulties arise during the training programme, the learner's first point of contact should be their Tutor/Assessor who will take necessary steps to rectify and solve any problems. If the Tutor/Assessor is unable to solve the problem or the learner is dissatisfied with the outcome, they can contact the Curriculum Department Manager, Internal Quality Assessor or Learning Support Manager to discuss their concerns further (contact numbers provided on the Learning Agreement) Achievement Training has procedures relating to complaints, grievances, course disciplinary, course dismissals, sustainability, data protection, equal opportunities and privacy as well as our employer charter. At any time, copies of these policies are available on request by email to info@achievementtraining.com, in writing to HR & Quality Department, Achievement Training Limited, Norwich Union House, 2 St Andrews Court, Plymouth, PL1 1DN, from your Tutor/Assessor or by phone to 01752 202260.


When you sign your enrolment form you agree to follow the Learner Cod of Conduct. We can only keep the promises we make to you if you agree to behave responsibly while you are here. Our expectations are the same as you will find in the workplace.

We expect everyone to:

Treat all students and staff with respect. We do not allow people to be unfairly treated and we do not tolerate bullying of any kind, including text and cyber bullying. Observe the Health and Safety regulations and pay attention to your own and others health and safety. This includes good personal hygiene, not smoking (including e-cigarettes) anywhere on ATL premises except in the car park at the rear of the building and to refrain from spitting. Keep yourself and other members of our community safe by not carrying or using illegal drugs or any equipment for drug use, weapons and/or alcohol onto ATL premises or asking anyone else to do this for you. Do not shout or use abusive or offensive language. Behave in an appropriate manner in and around ATL. This includes inside and outside all ATL premises, the immediate community and when on external trips or visits. Dress appropriately for a working environment and wear any uniform or protective equipment provided. Remove hats/hoods and do not use mobile phones, music players or other devices when in the centre, unless you have the express permission of your Tutor/Assessor. Respect the well-being and property of other members of ATL and the wider community and treat college property with care. Follow all instructions from staff regarding the use of IT equipment and make sure that your online activities do not cause offence or give a bad name to Achievement Training, our students, staff, partners or related employers. Tell your Tutor in advance if you are going to be away and or as early as possible for any unavoidable absence such as sickness. We expect you to book appointments (e.g. with doctors/dentists etc.) outside of your timetabled sessions. Follow instructions given by staff, especially relating to this code of conduct, safety and respect for others.

On this course you must:

  • Aim to have 100% attendance at all your classes.
  • Arrive on time and bring the right equipment with you to all sessions.
  • Complete all your work and hand it in on time and take responsibility for catching up on any work you may have missed.
  • Be responsible for your learning by working hard and achieving your best results. You are entitled to learning development support to help you in your studies.
  • Complete assignments and exams without cheating, copying or plagiarising (using someone else's work, e.g. from the internet, another student or a book or magazine and pretending it is your own).
  • Behave in a considerate way to everyone and not interfere with the learning of others.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking in class or study areas.

If you fail to follow this code, disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the Learner Disciplinary Policy, which could lead to your dismissal from your course. If you have any queries about the code of conduct or disciplinary policy, please speak to your Tutor/Assessor or Learner Support. 


If an individual's behaviour falls below the expected standards then the Disciplinary Procedure will be followed. An initial verbal warning will be given by a representative of Achievement Training. A time will be set by which improvement must be seen and reviewed. If no improvement is made by the time allocated, a final warning will be given verbally and in writing along with a final deadline for improvement. If by the end of the final period, improvement has not been satisfactorily made, the trainee risks being dismissed from their programme. In all cases, warning swill be documented in the learner's file, witnessed by a second member of staff and the learner will have the right to have someone present.

Examples of conduct leading to disciplinary action would be:

  • Poor timekeeping record.
  • Excessive or persistent use of bad language.
  • Persistent absenteeism.
  • Deceit.
  • Unruly or offensive bahaviour.
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst attending the Centre.
  • Leaving the Centre or placement without permission.

Examples of conduct leading to instant dismissal:

  • Physical assault on staff or trainee in the Centre or employer's premises
  • Being unable to perform any task satisfactorily or safely due to the effect of non-prescribed drugs, alcohol or other substances.
  • Recording time of starting or finishing work for another trainee or having another trainee record time on his/her behalf.
  • Irresponsible behaviour that endangers the safety of any person or which may cause damage to the Centre or Employer's property and equipment.
  • Theft of Centre or Employer's property or the property of any other person on the premises.
  • Sexual misbehaviour or harassment.
  • Legal conviction of a crime that prevents the course requirements being fulfilled.


We carry out regular surveys to ensure that the service we give you is of the highest quality and these are evaluated periodically in order to make improvements. Please let us know if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the Centre's services by contacting the HR & Quality Manager on 01752 202262. If a learner wishes to appeal a decision made by an Awarding Body or Achievement Training they must follow the Appeals policy and procedure. A copy must be requested from the MIS department in the first instance.

For copies of Achievement Training's Data Protection Policy and/or Document Retention Policy please email wbl@achievementtraining.com or make a request in writing to Compliance and Strategy Manager, Achievement Training Limited, Norwich Union House, 2 St Andrews Court, Plymouth, PL1 1DN.


All potential learners will be considered for admission fairly and objectively. All learners will enjoy fair treatment in the curriculum, assessment, support services and resources. Harassment and discrimination will not be acceptable under any circumstances. All staff will assist learners in understanding the significance of equality of opportunity and how to implement it in their work placement and training environment. Achievement Training will ensure that effective systems are in place for monitoring and evaluating equal opportunities practice. Should any instance occur we will take prompt steps to avoid the issues reoccurring in the future.


All learners are contractually obligated to attend training sessions and appointments as detailed in the Learning Agreement. Of at any time the learner is unable to meet their appointment, they must inform their Tutor/Assessor in good time. Any queries relating to the Learning Agreement, course or assessment procedures must be directed to the Tutor/Assessor.


Learners are responsible for the safety and security of their own portfolios. Any portfolios kept in the workplace must be stored securely. Tutor/Assessors will keep and maintain a Training File for each learner, which are kept securely at Achievement Training (or subcontractor premises) in accordance with the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulations.


Learners may over the period of their course by assessed by one or more assessors; all learners will continue to receive a fair and impartial judgement on the progress of their course. Where learners are completing their course in conjunction with an employer, managers and supervisors can be used to provide observation evidence for tasks completed in the form of a witness testimony. The Internal Quality Assessor and External Verifier will require access to learner's portfolio at set times throughout the training programme to ensure that the organisational assessment procedures are being adhered to.


The following charges apply to your programme unless 48 hours notice is provided for non-attendance of examinations and/or appointments:

  • Failure to attend Appointment (Centre Based) - £10.00
  • Failure to attend Examination / Assessment (Centre Based) - £17.50
  • Failure to attend Appointment / Observation (Workplace Based) - £25.00
  • Failure to attend Examination / Assessment (Workplace Based) - £42.50
  • Withdrawal from Programme - £200.00

Non payment of charges may result in loss of deposit/termination of training. These charges have been put in place to recover Administrative and Resource costs incurred. Achievement Training Limited reserves the right to treat each student's circumstances on an individual basis at the discretion of the Managing Director. Employers will not be liable if they release their employees as scheduled with their Tutor/Assessors.

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