Student Feedback – Lauren Smallridge

Case Studies

Lauren Smallridge / 19 Years Old

After finishing my A-Levels at Plymstock School in June 2018 I had the mind-set of wanting to work within IT. I had already gained 2 GCSE’s and an A level in ICT and after seeing an application for ATL I applied for the level 3 Infrastructure Technician qualification as an apprentice in order to start the expansion of my knowledge and gain an insight into the industry. When I was offered the role of an apprentice IT Technician I took the position and started in July 2018.

In the time I have been here, I have gained the responsibility of our anti-virus software and some of our servers and I have expanded on my knowledge in hardware and software as a whole. In my role, I do carry out various tasks such as supporting my fellow IT technicians, monitoring and ensuring all of our devices are safe and secure, installation of hardware and software across the company and technical support for all staff and students. I have also obtained good working relationships with the majority of staff members and I hope to be a role model for females wanting to work within the IT industry.