Thinking about starting a career in Coding?

If you ever thought about getting into coding as a career, then there is no better time than right now. However, if you are just at the start of your career, wondering what direction you might take, consider this.  Coding is currently considered one of the finest professions you can choose.

There are a number of directions that you can take within the coding space.

  1. Front-end design – the look and feel of the application.
  2. Back-end coding.
  3. Programmers often work in small teams with both front-end and back-end coders working together.
  • Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript route) usually focused on front-end / UX.
  • Server side (or back-end) technologies (includes PHP, Node.js and .NET).
  • Mobile App development (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile).
  • Coding Language, if you feel that you are more suited to front-end development, then the primary languages for you will most likely be HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Of course, you may decide to extend your areas of expertise, therefore requiring you to learn other tools such as Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.

Learning, by having an industry-based tutor.  Your tutor can assist you in providing you with access to a network of other professionals, some of who might be able to put work your way once you start to build you skills and knowledge.

Computer games developer / Computer games designer/ video games designer.

A college course, may lead onto more advanced qualifications or a higher apprenticeship, or help you to get a trainee position with a company.

  • T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development
  • Higher National Diploma in Creative Media Production Games Development
  • Advanced Information Communication Apprenticeship
  • Software developer Apprenticeship
  • Software Tester
  • Data Technician Apprenticeship
  • Network Engineer Apprenticeship

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