Traineeship Review Form



Traineeship Review

The Traineeship Review Form should be undertaken every 10/12 weeks. A full list of scheduled reviews can be located in your trainee's Learning Agreement. Where a a trainee surpasses their planned end date, traineeship reviews should be undertaken every 6 weeks to monitor progress towards completion/achievement prior to meeting the maximum duration rule.



These questions should be answered by the Tutor/Assessor

SECTION C - Equality, Diversity & Safeguarding

Tutor / Assessors as part of the review process must hold a Q&A session on Equality, Diversity and Safeguarding. A list of example questions can be requested from the Learner Support Manager. 

SECTION D - Additional Learner Support

SECTION E - Future Targets

Future targets should include all outcomes that are expected to be achieved prior to the learners next review. A maximum of five targets can be added to any given review.

SECTION F - Feedback and Assessment

Assessment Area: Learner Motivation and Attitude

Assessment Area: Attendance / Reliability (Including the minimum 20% requirement for apprenticeship learners)

Assessment Area: Communication / Working with others

Assessment Area: General Progression (Including Occupational Aptitude)


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