Traineeship - Work Placement Amendment Form

Traineeship - Work Placement Details / Amendment Form

Traineeships are a national programme which provides 16 to 24-year-olds resident in England with the skills and work experience needed to progress into apprenticeships, employment and further learning. The traineeship core offer has a mandatory requirement to undertake a substantial work placement.

At the end of a trainee's work placement an interview with the workplace must take place. This interview can be either a formal job or general exit interview.

The work placement element must last a minimum of 70 hours and must not be simulated learning within an artificial environment. All Trainee's must have a planned placement recorded within their ILR within 9 weeks of their start date. Trainee's who fail to have a placement recorded during this time-frame must be non-started.


Placement Attendance Requirements

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