Ethan first joined ATL as a 19 year-old Apprentice in 2014, completing the L2 framework in Supporting Teaching & Learning and is now a fully qualified Maths Tutor with our parent company.

Following on from his role as a Learning Support Assistant, Ethan expressed a strong interest in teaching. In June 2015, he progressed to an IT User Apprenticeship to widen his skills and knowledge whilst also beginning the TAQA suite as an Apprentice Tutor.

After a short leave for travel, Ethan returned to ATL in early 2016 as an Advisor to Traineeship learners. Working with the English & Maths team, he was supported through another successful round of CPD, completing the CAVA and Learning & Development qualifications. He also completed the new provision of GCSE Maths in 2017 in order to ensure he had a full understanding of the learner experience, achieving a Grade A. Having gained classroom experience, Ethan was offered a full Tutor/Assessor role in March 2017, with a speciality in delivering Maths.

As well as continuing his formal TAQA suite CPD by completing the Level 4 Education & Training qualification in 2018, Ethan also engaged with in-house workshop training and online courses at ATL. Having covered a range of topics including Equality & Diversity, Safeguarding Awareness, GDPR, Health & Safety Awareness and Gatsby Career Guidance training, Ethan trained as an invigilator and Emergency First Aider.

“When I started at ATL I felt I had no real direction. Family advised me to consider a career in the navy but that didn’t seem to be the right fit. The Job Centre suggested an employability course with a local training company and whilst I was there I plucked up the courage to ask about getting some work experience. I had no idea you could get an Apprenticeship as a learning support assistant and the experience was fantastic. It really built my confidence and my tutors and other staff at ATL encouraged and supported me when I said I’d like to try teaching. Its been a very busy few years, but I get to work with a brilliant team and pass on my knowledge to new groups of learners every year.”

Continuing to develop his teaching practice, skills and experience, Ethan has now completed the Level 5 qualification and is progressing his teaching career with our parent company. Looking back over his time with us, Ethan said, “My managers and colleagues turned a quiet young adult into a confident tutor over the last 8 years. I have achieved things that I never would have imagined in my career. My parents, friends and colleagues are proud of me and I owe that to the opportunities given to me here at ATL.”

We’re all proud of you too, Ethan!