“After working in admin roles for most of my working life, I had always been interested in branching out into a HR role, but most places wanted previous experience in HR to even be considered as an applicant. ATL were more interested in my personality, my motivation, and my determination than anything else, and made me feel far more valued as a person than a job title on a CV.”

“When I started the role in April 2023, having had no previous HR experience, it was rather daunting. I also have a young child, and was concerned about navigating childcare and working as a single parent, but ATL are a genuinely family friendly company and I have never been made to feel guilty or an inconvenience if any parenting or personal issues have arisen. In fact, my own manager has become more of a friend and confidant than any of my colleagues in previous workplaces.
As a direct result of my manager’s guidance and genuine care, I have spent the last year growing so rapidly in my role that I barely recognise the rabbit-in-the-headlights that I was when I started. I have been able to be innovative and creative, my ideas have been heard and implemented, I have been given freedom and autonomy over many projects, and I feel like I have made a positive impression and meaningful impact on many staff members as a part of the HR team.
I feel honoured to work at ATL, especially when I have the pleasure of reviewing the student feedback forms and seeing just how many lives are ‘actively transformed’ by our fantastic teams. I am incredibly proud of our staff, and of myself, and I am excited to see the personal and professional growth that the next year brings for me.”