19+ Progress Review - Version 2 (#93)

19+ Progress Review - Version 2


This review should be undertaken every 12 weeks. A full list of scheduled review date can be located within the Learning Agreement.  This review should be completed with all adult learners not enrolled on an Apprenticeship programme.


These questions should be answered by the Tutor/Assessor

SECTION C - Inclusion, Safeguarding, Health & Safety,

Tutor / Assessors as part of the review process must hold a Q&A session on Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and Safeguarding.

SECTION D - Behaviours and Performance

The Apprentice, Employer and Training Provider should provide a grade for the following 4 areas (1 = 'Requires Improvement; 2 = 'Satisfactory'; 3 = 'Good'; 4 = 'Outstanding'), where areas of concern are identified these should have SMART targets set within the next section.

SECTION E - Future Targets

Future targets should include all outcomes that are expected to be achieved prior to the learners next review. A maximum of five targets can be added to any given review.

Target(s) should include expectations for both workplace (on the job) activity and through off the job training.

SECTION F - Career Objectives


The Learner and Tutor/Assessor must participate in all scheduled reviews. Where the learner was present in person please sign below to confirm that the details recorded above are true and provide an accurate representation of the progress made since the last review.

Where the Learner was unable to attend in person and attended via phone or web call (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout etc.) please provide an email address below. Upon clicking submit the review will automatically be sent to this email address. Please ensure you review the details and where there are any discrepancies please email your Tutor / Assessor.

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