Equality and Diversity


Achievement Training is committed to creating an entirely non-discriminatory environment for both study and work and being an equal opportunities employer.

Diversity aims to recognise, respect and value people’s differences to contribute positively to our society and promoting an inclusive culture for all.

Bullying and/or harassment are aggressive and deliberate acts that cause hurt to another person/s either be physical or emotional, inflicted

Discrimination: This is where a person or group treats another person or group differently than another.

Prejudice: A negative judgement or opinion formed beforehand of a particular type of person or group.

Racism: hatred or intolerance of another ethnic group or groups.


Equality & Diversity Policy Statement

  • All potential learners will be considered for admission fairly and objectively.
  • All learners will enjoy fair treatment in the curriculum, assessment, support services and resources.
  • Harassment, bullying and discrimination will not be acceptable under any circumstances.
  • All staff will assist learners in understanding the significance of equality of opportunity and how to implement it in their work placement and training environment.
  • All learners will be expected to comply with current legislation within their work placement and training environment.
  • Achievement Training will ensure that effective systems are in place for monitoring and evaluating equal opportunities practice.
  • We will address any issue promptly where we fail to meet high standards.


The Safeguarding / Equality and Diversity Working Party
These dedicated teams are run by Paul Ebanks, to offer guidance, address concerns and improve our quality of provision and support.           


  • To support the work of Achievement Training Ltd with particular emphasis on the company’s vision and mission.
  • To support and advise learners and staff on any matters concerning unfair treatment, equality of opportunity, discrimination and harassment.
  • To deal with issues confidentially in accordance with local and national guidelines

Our commitments

  • Achievement Training recognises that individuals and groups in society have been and are discriminated against on the basis of their gender, gender reassignment, ethnic origin, age, disabilities, sexuality and religion. It is aware that this discrimination may be direct or caused by attitudes, practices and structures that have discriminatory effects.
  • Achievement Training is committed to creating an entirely non-discriminatory environment for both study and work and being an equal opportunity employer.
  • All learners and staff have access to in-house company Equality and Diversity training.
  • All learners and staff will be made aware of the equality and diversity and equal opportunities legislation and Achievement Training’s policy. They will be given guidance on conforming to it and told of the consequences of failing to do so.

Useful external Contacts: 

Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council: 01752 224555

Devon and Cornwall PolicediversityHQ@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

If you have anything you would like to discuss confidentially regarding anything above, please contact:

Paul Ebanks – Equality Coordinator
Office: 01752 202263 or Mobile: 07497 413181


Confidentiality will be respected as long as no one is at risk of harm!