Your views!

Achievement Training  learner voice aims to represent the diversity of all its Learners. We will provide a safe place for you to air your views regarding your personal learning experience.  We aim to provide a place to come together with your peers where you can help shape the future of your own learning as well as to have a positive impact on all of those who access Achievement Training including the ATL staff, future learners of ATL, schools and partner organisations.


The most important part of Achievement training is you, and we need your ideas and suggestions. We also would like you to tell us about your positive experiences whilst you have been in learning to help us improve the service we provide.

There are many different ways to make yourself heard:

  • ATL social media sites
  • Talking to your Tutor/Assessor
  • Accessing Learner support on a confidential basis
  • Joining in on one of the many teaching group Learner forum sessions that are held during each academic year by text or email.

Examples of improvements that have been made with the ideas and suggestions from the learner voice.

“Learners have identified feeling included, instilling a sense of self-worth in knowing that their opinion is valued, giving learners confidence for later life as it will allow them to believe in their own opinions, learners will feel empowered by the knowledge that they’ve contributed to their organisations decision making, feeling of being valued, showing learners the impact they can have and how they can take control of their futures and lastly that is benefits the whole company and community”

Excerpts taken from: Student Voice

We believe that you have the right to an inclusive environment and find that learners that take ownership of their of learning have a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.
You should be able to have your say in your education and if you talk we will listen.

For further information please contact: 

Paul Ebanks – Learner Support 
Telephone: (01752) 202266
Direct Telephone: (01752) 202263
Mobile: 07497 413181