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ATL recognises the need to offer as diverse a range of provision as possible, in as flexible and cost effective way as possible. By individual agreement with employers, we may therefore work in partnership with approved subcontractors for part of the delivery of an Apprenticeship. In this manner, ATL is able to:

  • Offer niche provision;
  • Engage with the wider community, thus increasing participation by attracting learners who are unable, or unwilling, to attend provision offered on campus;
  • Offer flexibility by delivering provision at times and venues convenient to learners and employers;
  • Be responsive to learner and employer requirements;
  • Ensure greater cost efficiency;
  • Engage with new markets;
  • Provide immediate provision whilst expanding direct capacity into new geographical areas;
  • Provide specialist provision to meet industry and community need.

After the Apprentice’s End Point Assessment costs have been allocated, ATL retains 20% of the remaining income per Apprentice in relation to Management Fees.

Specific costs are highly individualised based on the unique learning agreement for each employer and Apprentice, however our overall methodology for the standard breakdown of these management fees is as follows:

Admin per learner   £70.00
Software costs Pellcomp £35.00
Finance support DAS/Invoicing £40.00
Termly support meetings   £100.00
Termly quality monitoring In person and by telephone £50.00
EPA arrangements – gateway etc   £50.00
Due Diligence Support Policies, RoATP etc £75.00

Additional management costs arising due to the specifics of a particular qualification, learner or employer requirement are calculated on a case-by-case basis and established at the outset of each learning agreement. Such costs may include, for example, additional review expenses (travel costs), the provision of exam venues, marketing, recruitment and onboarding, advice, training and support and policy and procedural guidance.

For full details of our policy, please use the links below:

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