Most students can benefit from work experience

A period of time spent with an external employer that is both challenging and related to your prior attainment and career aspiration. Work experience is considered to be a major factor in developing employability skills alongside GCSE qualifications in English and Maths. A quality work placement will be an integral part of the programme and particularly for students choosing to enter a specific occupation or profession or those taking a vocational route to achieve their career aims. Work experience within an external work environment is recognised by employers and has the greatest impact on students future employability.

Is your business interested in supporting young people who are looking for work? Are you committed to engaging with your community and developing local talent and skills?

Could you provide young jobseekers with a positive experience of the working world?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes,’ you should consider becoming a work experience host.

For some young people a lack of understanding of the working world is a significant barrier to finding and sustaining employment. Jobcentre Plus wants to work with you to offer candidates the opportunity to overcome this barrier through work experience placements. For those who lack experience, the chance to undertake real work and adjust to the routines and habits of working life can significantly improve their employment prospects.

Employers guide to work experience

Achievement Training needs your support to help training tomorrow’s workforce. A majority of our courses require practical work experience, if you think you might be able to offer an opportunity please contact the Business Development Team on 01752 202264 or email at