COVID-19: FACE COVERINGS IN CENTRE Information for students, visitors and staff returning in September 2020


Achievement Traning remains full open inline with the latest Government guidance on further education. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact your tutor.


ATL Online Learning Code of Conduct (Sep 2020)-1

From Monday 7th September face coverings will be compulsory in internal communal areas at all ATL sites. This will apply to staff, students, visitors, contractors and any other person that attends the centre. Whilst it is assumed persons will already have their own coverings, ATL will maintain a supply of coverings for issue or replacement to those that are in need. Please note, a local or national lockdown could impact on the use of face coverings at ATL sites and we will provide further support and guidance as required.

In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, a face covering is something which safely covers the nose and mouth of the wearer and it MUST be worn correctly to carry out its function. Reusable or single-use face coverings are widely available to purchase to support you in your daily life, and we do expect staff and students will already have their own covering. You may also use a tight-woven scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering but these MUST securely fit round the side of the face.

When to wear a face covering

Face coverings must be worn by everyone attending the centre in all internal communal areas, including corridors, entrance ways, foyers, stairways and toilets. In addition, please wear a face covering to protect yourselves and others :
• When visiting a classroom or an office space that is not your own;
• During meetings with colleagues outside of your operational or line management group;
• During 1-to-1 teaching or instruction where 2m distancing cannot be observed;
• When dealing with an individual that claims to be suffering from COVID-19 symptoms;
• When giving first aid treatment where 2m distancing cannot be observed.

When you do not need to wear a face covering

The Department for Education advises that using face coverings will have a negative impact on teaching and learning so should be avoided. A high level of safeguarding and mitigating measures are in place at ATL and face coverings are not needed:
• In classrooms and teaching spaces, once seated/stationed and hand hygiene has been completed;
• In the office space in which you are typically located, once seated/stationed and hand hygiene has been completed;
• When delivering/receiving teaching or instruction whilst maintaining 2m distancing between staff and students;
• If you have an exemption from wearing a mask;
• When providing services to others where a ‘sneeze screen’ is provided;
• When seated in an area provided for the consumption of food and drink;
• In an emergency situation where you may need to give or acknowledge commands and clarity of communication is required.

Full information on face coverings in FE settings can be found on page 16 of the 29 August government guidelines.

Maintaining and disposing of face coverings

Always wear the face covering correctly so it safely covers the mouth and nose and fits securely around the sides of your face. Do not touch the front of the face covering, or the part of the face covering that has been in contact with your mouth and nose.
Single use face coverings should be disposed of in the residual bins provided – do NOT put them in recycling.
Store reusable face coverings in a plastic bag until you have an opportunity to wash them.
Make sure you clean any surfaces the face covering has touched using normal household cleaning products.
Wash your face covering regularly and follow the washing instructions for the fabric. You can use your normal detergent. You can wash and dry it with other laundry.
You must throw away your face covering if it is damaged and replace it.

ATL Online Learning Code of Conduct (Sep 2020)-1


ATL Senior Management Team 2nd September 2020