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Learner Funding Application Form 2022/23

(Some funding is discretionary.)

A learner must be aged 16 or over on 31 August 2022 and not enrolled on an apprenticeship or HE course. If you require this application form in a different format or need help completing it please call 01752 202263 or email:

This fund is limited so we advise early application. For full details of the learner funding information please refer to 2022/23 guidance, which can be requested from the Learner Support office or go to

What financial support is on offer?

This fund provides financial or 'in-kind' help with a number of course-related costs to eligible learners such as travel, meals, childcare and some equipment costs.

Important Information

  • Ensure you attach evidence of household income for 2022/23 with this form.
  • Funds are limited and not guaranteed as they are allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • Any financial help is dependent on attendance and commitment to your course and Achievement Training Ltd reserves the right to stop any funding.
  • Please read and carefully sign the appropriate section. If this form is not complete you will be unable to submit your form which will result in a delay to your application being received and processed.

Support Requirements

Discretionary Learner Support Funding:

To be eligible the household income for parent(s)/guardian(s) that you live with must be below £21,000. Please provide evidence of household income where required. Eligible learners could receive travel support, free school meals / meal allowance and help with course-related costs.

16-18 Vulnerable Bursary up to £1,200:

You could be eligible if you are aged 16-18 on 31/08/2022 and receive Income Support or Universal Credit, are a care leaver or in care or receive both ESA and PIP/DLA. Evidence must be in the learner's name. Eligible learners could receive a monthly payment as well as a meal allowance.


If you are aged 16-19 when you start your course childcare can be provided via Care-2-Learn (C-2-L) and you will need to apply online at

Discretionary Learner Support Funding:

To be eligible for support with course related costs you must demonstrate a household income below £25,000, or income between £25,000 - £30,000 you can apply for childcare only. Household refers to you, the learner and your partner if you live with one, we do not need to know parental income. Please provide evidence of household income as listed below. Eligible learners could receive travel payments and help with course-related costs.


If you are aged over 20 and household income is below £30,000 you may be eligible for childcare support.

To be eligible for travel support costs, learners must live more than 2 miles from Achievement Training Ltd, however a learner who lives less than 2 miles from Achievement Training Ltd may still be considered if it is a barrier to them continuing their course.

Please note that support for travel may only be backdated to the date we receive your fully completed application form, therefore, early application is recommended. All travel costs will be scheduled for the 15th of each month or the first working day after the 15th.

Household Income Evidence

In order to assess your application you must attach one form of evidence as listed below. If you are unable to provide this evidence please contact the Learner Support Manager on 01752 202263.

Childcare Support - Household income up to £30,000:

Learners in receipt of the childcare element of Child Tax Credits are not eligible for childcare support. Learners aged 20+ can apply for childcare support covering timetabled lessons only during term time unless there is a justifiable reason linked directly to their learning. This is to be paid direct to the Ofsted registered childcare provider. Additional placement days will also be covered if they are a compulsory part of your course. If a child qualifies for ME2 or Early Years Funding (EYF) this must be used first for the days you attend Achievement Training and Achievement Training will cover any remaining cost.

To apply for childcare support you must complete the seperate Childcare Application Form 2022/23. You must complete one childcare application form per childcare provider. 

Advanced Learner Loans:

If you are studying a Level 3 course you may need to apply for the Advanced Learner Loan to cover your tuition fees. Please note your Advanced Learner Loan must be fully 'approved' to be eligible for Learner Support Funding.


Please carefully read and then sign the declaration:

  • I confirm that all the information given by me in this form is true and correct. In understand that giving false information may result in legal action against me to recover monies paid and risk any continuing payments from this or any other application to Achievement Training.
  • I will inform you immediately if the details I have given on this form change.
  • I agree to attend regularly. I understand that if my attendance is below 80% I may not receive funding support.
  • If I wish to alter my course in any way, I will notify the Learner Support Funding team.
  • I understand that if I do not keep to my  Learning Agreement or if I leave my course early I should notify the Learner Support funding team and that any payments made to which I am not entitled should be repaid.
  • I agree to provide additional information, if requested, to substantiate my application and to satisfy the Learner Support Funding team that I am entitled to further instalments of any award allocated to me.
  • The information on this form is required by Achievement Training Ltd to assess your eligibility for financial support. By signing you give your consent to the use of this information by Achievement Training Ltd and third parties, as listed below, that require it for the purpose of assessing and recording your application, confirming eligibility and detection/prevention of fraud.
  • We may share your personal data, including special category data with numerous people, organisations or third parties, including:
    • Funding and grant bodies such as the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)
    • Local and other education authorities
    • Student loan / finance companies.
    • Your parents / guardians / carers
  • For further information on how we will collect and use your personal data please refer to the Privacy Notice which can be found on our website:
  • By consenting to Achievement Training Ltd processing my personal information I understand that Achievement Training Ltd will process my data in compliance with the Data Principles under the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation 2018.
  • I have read and understood the terms and conditions.
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Bank Details

Important - we will not be able to process any payments without the required bank details. Before completing this section please be aware that:

  • the account must be in the name of the learner and not the parent, guardian or partner. Exceptions can be made where the parent has power of attorney for the student (evidence to be provided).
  • The account must be able to take BACS payments. Achievement Training Ltd is unable to pay into accounts with a reference/roll number.
  • Achievement Training Ltd is unable to pay into Post Office accounts which only take government benefits.