You helped to build her confidence and self-belief

This was received from a parent wanting to express their gratitude – we are humbled and grateful to have it written out in black and white.

“Good afternoon Paul.

I would like to thank you all at Achievement Training for the support, care and quality of teaching that my daughter experienced when she was with you last year.

You helped to build her confidence and self belief and she is now in a position where she has received 4 University offers including Exeter University – part of the prestigious Russel Group.

I do not think she would be in this position without her time with you.”

This type of outcome is not a one off, it happens every term – taking steps to further your potential and keep trying does work. Making positive choices always has benefits.

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Shekinah’s 2023 Easter Appeal



Shekinah is one of the Charities we support.

For those of you who don’t know, Shekinah provides opportunities for people in recovery or seeking recovery. Including recovery from homelessness, drug and alcohol issues, offending behaviours or mental ill-health.

 We share Shekinah’s beliefs and values in that everyone deserves to be given another chance and ensuring that people in crisis are given a variety of opportunities to reach a secure and contented life. The work they do for our local communities and those in need is vitally important for the welfare of our city.

Working with key strategic partners, Shekinah supports people to make meaningful changes in their lives and receive specialist support to address any health issues, find and support you in a home of your own and learn new skills.

This Easter please consider buying one less Easter Egg and donating the money to Shekinah’s Easter Appeal.


Shekinah’s Easter Appeal



Tiana’s Customer Service Apprenticeship Experience

Before I started my apprenticeship I was studying at sixth form, however, I decided that the classroom-setting wasn’t for me and wanted to look into starting an apprenticeship.  I didn’t know a lot about apprenticeships at the time but thought this might be a better option for me.

I met with Clare from Achievement Training and with her help and guidance I found a suitable apprenticeship for me. She ran through the options which most suited the role I wanted to pursue, these being apprenticeships in Customer Service and Business Administration.

We decided on the Customer Service apprenticeship first so that I could gain more knowledge and confidence within the sector I was working in and then I could progress onto the Business and Administration apprenticeship.

I started my Customer Service Apprenticeship at the end of 2021, I have recently received my results which were Distinctions. Clare has really helped me gain confidence throughout my Customer Service apprenticeship which has also helped me in my day-to-day job, she has always been there to give me feedback when required and also given me advice on what I can do to improve.

I am now starting my Level 3 Business and Admin apprenticeship, thanks to Achievement Training and Clare I feel more than ready to start this course and learn even more about this role.

Starting an apprenticeship was the best decision for me as it means I can learn whilst I am on the job and I also know I have support from my Manager, Colleagues, Clare and Achievement Training.

Tiana Henwood

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